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Technology is a useful tool but too often means doing business with companies that are actively hostile towards our faith. Fidei provides familiar tools like email, calendars, file sharing, and real-time collaborative documents, all run by those who share your faith.

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Made by Catholics

Don't worry about what your email company promotes or the organizations they donate to. Every decision we make is guided by our faith so you can feel good about who is providing your email.

Fidei for the Whole Family

Get everyone in your family their own @fidei.email address. Our pricing includes a significant discount for families.

Private by Design

We don't use your personal data or analyze the email you send and receive to sell you ads or for any other purpose.

Easy to Use Web Interface

Access your email from any web browser you like including the one on your phone.

Use Fidei with any Email App You Like

Your Fidei email works with any standard email app, including your iPhone's built-in mail app and many more. Check out our guidebook for some recommendations.

Advanced Spam Filtering

Your inbox is for you, not for unsolicited marketers


Get an email address that speaks to your faith

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Three Easy Steps to Get Started

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1. Choose Your Very Own @fidei.email Address

First, fill out our simple form to let us know what you would like your new email address to be.

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2. We Set Up Your Account

Once you check-out we'll get started setting up your new email address on our end.

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3. Log-in and Send Your First Email

We'll send you a welcome email with instructions to log-in to your new email. Send your first email to a friend from your shiny new @fidei.email address.

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Send and Receive Email from Anyone

With Fidei, you can send and receive email from anyone else, whether they use Fidei or not.

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What Our Customers Say

If you have been on the fence about abandoning those big tech email services, jump over it and get a fidei.email account today! Viva Cristo Rey!
- Robert B.

It is important to support small technology companies.
- J.J.G.

I thank you for for offering a safe email server. I am promoting to all my circles! Prayers for it's success!
- Tara L.

I am finding the process on switching my email easy. I'll be promoting this far and wide. Can't wait for the next services you all set-up.
- Vicki

The Cost of Free

Nothing in life is free. The companies behind the services you use online need to make money somehow. When it comes to “free” email, Cui Bono? As the saying goes “if you don’t pay for it, you are the product”. At Fidei, we don’t read your email. We don’t analyze your data. We don’t sell your data. We don’t show you ads or tell advertisers what you talk about. We simply sell an email service for a fair price.

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